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Your custom Teamenu gives every team member instant access to all the resources they need for their work. No more searching, asking, or sending links back and forth.

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Access your Digital Workplace

All apps and tools your team needs, in one place.

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A custom menu for each team and role

Teamenu is available for Chrome/Edge, iOS/Android.

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Compatible with any app your teams rely on

Cloud or On-Premise, Intranet or Web, Mobile or Desktop resources.

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Free for life. Zero ads.
Dead simple to share.

Create your menu and onboard new people in seconds.

Everything your team needs for their work.
One click away.

Give your teams personalized access to all the tools and resources they require.

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    Create team structure
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    Add links and apps
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    Distributed design
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    Personal favorites
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    Share menus
Screenshot: My organization in Teamenu
Diagram: What goes into Teamenu? Who adds links to my Teamenu?Diagram: What goes into Teamenu? Who adds links to my Teamenu?
Teamenu in a browser and on a smartphone
Add to Browser and Smartphone

Teamenu integrates into your team's environment: simply distribute it via our Chrome/Edge browser extension and Android/iOS apps.

Search function in Teamenu
Rapidly find and access resources

Teamenu makes your team find stuff they need: a search bar finds links titles, apps, and keywords. Any link target can be customized for each team.

Get Started

You'll be able to create and share your Teamenu in minutes. Currently Teamenu is available in private pre-release, invite only.

Create your Teamenu

Add links and apps that your organisation and teams use every day. Organize them in a predefined structure proven to make them easy to find.

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Intuitive menu design based on data from over 50000 users
Project teams: Shared folders, Collaboration tools, Meetings, Wikis, Planning tools, Whiteboards...
Product teams: Backlog, Documentation, Prototypes, DevOps, Social Media, Presentations, Dashboards, CI/CD toolchain, CRM, CMS, …
Corporate and Public sector: intranet and portals, Collaboration, Productivity, AI assistants, Specialist tools, Business Apps like ERP, CRM, CMS, the Employee directory, Communications, Dashboards, HR self service …
Screenshot: Teamenu Designer with team selection and WYSIWYG menu editor
Screenshot: Invite members to a team

Onboard your team

Share your Teamenu with team members, with entire departments or the whole organization. A personal menu is customizable and accessible from any device.

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Get new team members started in seconds: everything they need, one click away.
To get every colleague exactly what they need, not more, not less, Teamenu relies on co-creation involving the entire organization. Teamenu organizes links in 3 Spaces:
Team Space: everything a dedicated team needs and uses to work together.
Org Space: 
everything larger parts of the organization need and use, tailored for function, location, or level.
My Space: 
everything a user adds as a personal bookmark.


Take a few minutes and instantly boost your team productivity: build share and use your Teamenu for free! Our paid plans provide affordable options for larger organisations and teams.


Pure Productivity. No fees, no ads.
Get started with your Teamenu and save real work time for your teams.

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    Up to 5 teams, 250 links and 15 shares
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    Add cloud, web, mobile or Desktop apps and resources
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    Share with anyone, no registration needed
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    Design custom menus adapted for each team
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    Add to your Chrome or Edge browser and your smartphone
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    Search your menu
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    Suggest missing links to your Team
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    Add favorite links
Pro 2€/month

Recommended for less than a Flat White per user and month. Billed annually (24€ per year). Co-design a Teamenu with all apps and resources your teams need.

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    Up to 100 teams, 2500 links and 1000 shares
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    Distributed co-design of personalised Teamenus
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    Assign Team Buddies to adapt Teamenus to specific teams
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    Standard reporting and analytics
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    Smart Teamenu: suggestions powered by our AI agent
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    API access
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    Standard support
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    All Free plan features
Business 4€/month

Per user, billed yearly (48€ per year). Scale and adjust Teamenu to your unique organizational structure and collaboration architecture.

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    Unlimited teams, links and shares
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    Assign users to multiple teams
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    Import your org chart or team structure
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    Advanced reporting and analytics
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    Version control
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    Corporate News and push notifications
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    Branded Teamenu UI
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    Premium support
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    All Pro plan features

Contact us for an individual offering.

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    Secure cloud or on premise deployment
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    Fully compliant with GDPR
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    SSO, LDAP and Active Directory integration
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    Choose a ISO 27001 certified data center with SLA and disaster recovery
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    Bespoke Digital Workplace design support
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Active Directory Integration
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Choose Your Data Centers
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Guaranteed Availability
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Secure Enterprise Cloud